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Shengzhou Yijing Trading Co., Ltd.

Our company is a famous China Blender Parts Manufacturers and Custom Blender Parts Suppliers. Our factory near Ningbo and Yiwu only needs 1 hour by bus.
Our company now covers an area of 10000 square meters, including a construction area of 6000 square meters. We make full use of the advantages of talent, technology, raw materials, management, and so on. Through constant studying, we have successively developed a series of motors suit for washing machines, range hoods, air conditioners, and so on.
Our factory has a punching machine, automatic high-speed punching machine, drilling machine, riveting machine, oiling machine, molding machine, binding wire machine, winging machine, brush rotor machine, and testing machine.
We cooperate with many famous washing machine brands, such as Samsung, sharp, etc. In China, we have cooperated with many big washing machine factories, And we have exported to Korea, Brazil, Slovakia, Germany, the United States, Middle East countries, Indonesia, India, Egypt, etc. 
Our company had passed the ISO9001: 2008 Audit and our products follow the standard of CCC.  
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Industry Knowledge Development

Vacuum cleaner motors are designed with several key characteristics that make them suitable for the task of powering a vacuum cleaner. Some of these characteristics include:

1.High power output: Vacuum cleaner motors are designed to provide high power output, which is necessary to create the suction required to pick up dirt and debris.
2.High efficiency: To minimize energy consumption and heat output, vacuum cleaner motors are designed to be highly efficient.
3.Robustness: Vacuum cleaner motors are built to withstand constant use and frequent starts and stops. They are also designed to handle the rigors of cleaning up a variety of different types of debris.
4.Low noise level: Vacuum cleaner motors are designed to be as quiet as possible while still providing the required power output.
5.Compact size: Vacuum cleaner motors are often small and compact, which makes it easier to fit them inside the body of the vacuum cleaner.
6.Long lifespan: Vacuum cleaner motors are designed to last a long time, even with constant use. They are often made with durable materials and have features such as thermal protection to prevent overheating.

Overall, the key characteristics of vacuum cleaner motors are high power output, high efficiency, robustness, low noise level, compact size, and long lifespan. These features make vacuum cleaner motors ideal for powering vacuum cleaners and other cleaning appliances.

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